Sidekick Creative


Sidekick’s goal is to bring good design to good people, whether through original prints on your wall or by bringing your brand to life—and everything in between.


We’re a full service design studio, specializing in illustration, graphic design, branding and logo design, editorial layout, photography, video and motion graphics.

A team of two designers and one multitalented multitasker, Sidekick Creative was born from three friends with big dreams to create design with impact.

What do the three of us have in common? Besides our obsession with crime shows, not a lot. Our skill sets are totally different. For Will it’s a all about the details and illustration, for Kelli it’s about the big picture and layouts and for Cara it’s about business and strategy. Our vast differences is what makes us work as a team.

What’s a sidekick? It’s a companion, a partner in a crime, a co-conspirator, and the coolest phone of all time. It’s what we’re striving to be—a sidekick for your business or organization. We don’t just want to tell you how something should look, we want to collaborate with you, share ideas, and create something extraordinary. 

With unique skill sets that fill in each other’s gaps, Sidekick Creative is committed to delivering inspired custom design work for whatever your creative needs may be. 


Sidekick Team

Will Fowler, Partner & Creative Director

Kelli Germain, Partner & Creative Director

Cara Greenslade, Partner & Business Director