For Your Listening Pleasure!

We all love a good podcast. Correction, we all love listening to a good podcast. When Amanda Blanton from the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce approached us to be on an episode of "I'm in the with the ARCC!" we were like, "Umm, yeah definitely one day maybe" and then immediately tried to run away.

But she's good at her job, really good, and she tracked us down and got us to do it. Kelli and Will took the plunge while I (Cara) immediately volunteered to sit this one out. And I'm so grateful I did because they did a really good job and I loved listening to every second of it. You might too! If you want to hear more about how we started our business, how we work and just generally more about us, have a listen

Special thanks to Amanda Blanton and the Adirondack Chamber of Commerce! If you're in the Chamber and haven't been on the show yet, we'd highly suggest it. Amanda is so awesome and super easy to talk to! 


Cara Greenslade