An Elite Squad known as Sidekick Creative, This is Our Story

Where did the name "Sidekick Creative" come from? After many hours of brainstorming and still no aha! moment we asked ourselves, if you combine the three of us who would you get? What do the three of us have in common? 


The most obvious similarity is that we all have a passion for design and making things beautiful, which is how we came to have this conversation, this business and our friendship. We also realized that we’re all April babies (we also opened for business in April, kismet!). And we all love a good crime show binge, with a special spot in our hearts for Law & Order, SVU. 

The name April Babies seemed a little creepy, so that was out. In the end, our name came from a shared passion for creating good design for good people, collaboration and crime shows. We’re each other's sidekicks—we go together like Benson, Stabler and Tutuola. And we strive to be our clients sidekicks, too.

Whether we’re the Watson to your Sherlock, the Donkey to your Shrek or the Ron to your Harry, we’re here to bring your brand and vision to life.

Cara Greenslade