Brainstorming & Road Tripping


We love road trips. We also love Brainstorm.

Our first couple of weeks in business, we reached out to Briana, Owner and Creative Director of Brainstorm, to see if we could take a trip out to Dover, New Hampshire to visit their studio. Briana said yes almost instantly—so we jumped on the opportunity to take a road trip out to meet their team: Briana; her husband and Art Director, Jason;  Sara, their production guru; and their adorably rambunctious office dog, Maple (see cute dog photos—and gorgeous studio photos—below!).

We've been following (and geeking out about) Brainstorm's work for quite some time now. We love looking at their work and process as inspiration, and had a million questions to ask. We also couldn't help but notice that their team is eerily similar in structure to our own: two designers, each with distinctive styles, and a kickass studio manager who helps all the pieces run smoothly.

The minute we walked through their studio doors and into their incredibly sunny space, we felt right at home. We were goo-goo eyed over their spacious and well-equipped studio. We were so thankful for their openness to share their journey with us, their ups and downs, tips and tricks, and all of the challenges and rewards that come along with owning a design business. We thought we'd be there for maybe an hour, since it was smack in the middle of their workday—but the hours flew by as they generously spent all afternoon with us, showing us around their studio space and sharing their story. We even got to grab a late lunch at 7th Settlement, where Brainstorm's artwork appeared on the menu cover.

It was so incredible to hear first-hand of how they began screen printing out of whatever space they could, often blurring the physical boundaries between work and life (which we can relate to!), and seeing some examples of their first craft show booths. Briana told many stories of someone who bought a print, hung it up in their office, and it happened to be seen by the right person at the right time—with their amazing portfolio, work ethic, talent, and a touch of serendipity, they have produced work for huge clients like PatagoniaLollapaloozaThe Wall Street JournalL.L. Bean,  and Urban Outfitters, to name a few. 

We're so excited that we got to meet Briana, Jason and Sara, and have learned that asking for help, especially in the beginning stages of owning your business, is okay—we can't believe how eager they were to give us guidance and words of encouragement. Also, they are some of the coolest, down-to-earth and just damn talented people we will ever meet.

Thanks, Brainstorm!

Cara Greenslade