Lessons Learned from the Cobbler's Kids

You know the old expression, "the cobbler's children have no shoes"? Well, when we started our own branding process, we wanted to make sure we afforded ourselves the same time, attention and thoughtfulness as we would any of our clients. The project quickly turned into an exciting, consuming, exhausting, and ultimately triumphant effort, as we waded through one concept after another until we reached something we all loved.

First and foremost, we wanted our logo to look friendly and approachable. We wanted to stay away from something modern or vintage or trendy or otherwise tied to a particular "look". As with any branding project, we strived to "future-proof" the concept as much as possible; meaning we didn't want it to look dated in 5 years. With all of those criteria at the outset, we landed on a logotype (no iconography, just typography) that combined a cheerful slab serif (for "sidekick") with a simple and legible sans serif ("creative"). We looked everywhere for the perfect typeface—the web, Pinterest, old books, under the couch cushions—until we decided that creating the letterforms from scratch would be the best way to incorporate everything we wanted while also giving us a distinct and unique identity. We could geek out and tell you about all the decisions that went into each letter (traditional or ball terminals? brackets on the serifs? ligatures?!), but we've put together this short video instead:


Finally, we explored color palettes and even a textured version to give the logo an entirely different feel on certain applications (it works especially well on our stamp!).


Now that our main logo is finalized, we're excited to build out an identity system with alternate marks, icons and various applications. We even have a new t-shirt in the works! We're looking forward to sharing our process as we grow. If you're thinking about tackling your own branding project, get in touch for some more information. We'd love to chat!


Cara Greenslade