Malcolm's: Our First Logo Project

Right about the same time that Sidekick began its journey, a close family friend, Nate Germain, began his own incredible adventure of opening up his first restaurant. It was also our first official project, which made it that much more special.  

Nate’s passion for the restaurant industry began at an early age and has continued to soar. When he was young, he worked in a local family diner, and loved the close-knit atmosphere between his coworkers and the customers alike—a vibe that really stuck with him. Nate further explored his love for food during his time working for a large, national restaurant brand, where he began to really appreciate the relationship people have with quality ingredients. As his passion for food and the service industry continued to grow, Nate took business classes and spent time in culinary school, and has worked in various high-end restaurants in New York City. Taking these influences, combined with a strong vision of his own, Nate decided to create his own dining experience based on high-quality, local ingredients and a friendly vibe that makes you feel like part of the family.

Through this logo process, I’ve realized just how important family is to Nate—Malcolm was his late grandfather’s name, and he wants to honor his legacy and give that casual feel of stepping into a loved family member’s home. He came to me with family stories and heirlooms, old drafting sketches, and photos of Malcolm’s own antique bottle collection that will be displayed at the restaurant. Needless to say, we could not wait to design the face of Malcolm’s, knowing the family history and excitement behind it all.


After tossing around ideas and collaborating on design, the bottle became the logo’s visual hook. The hand drawn sketch is reminiscent of the GE drafts in Nate’s collection of heirlooms, and ties in a handmade personal touch. As we continued to refine and simplify the logo, we decided that Malcolm’s, in a strong sans serif, was the only necessary type, which allowed for a conversational approach to the design.


Nate decided to move back to his hometown of Scotia, NY and make Union Street in Schenectady the home of Malcolm’s. Surrounded by his friends and family, it’s been so inspiring to see Nate make his dream a reality. We can’t wait to see all that happens in the months to come leading up to the Grand Opening!

Cara Greenslade