Two Brands, Two Photographers, Two Designers

Branding and logo creation are typically dream projects for designers, and their semi-permanent nature makes them few and far between. So it was to our surprise and delight that we were asked to tackle branding projects for a few new clients in our first couple months in business! We love logo design for many reasons, but above all else, it’s the challenge of intoning that perfect vibe through a simple mark that reflects what a brand is all about. 

We recently rebranded two photography studios in as many months—and it’s been interesting for us to reflect on the process of creating each one. Even though both of these businesses are in the same line of work (and centered in Upstate New York), the aesthetic for each client couldn’t have been more different. Will tackled the rebrand for Gallery 9 North, while Kelli was well-suited for the Tom Studios redesign. 


After connecting with Tom Sblendorio about his rebrand for Tom Studios, we knew immediately that the look he envisioned was perfect for Kelli’s aesthetic. Tom’s photography is ethereal, playful and elegant, all the while paying close attention to just the right moment to capture. Tom gave us strong creative direction: from color palettes to logo inspiration, he had a vision. After perusing Pinterest, researching playful typography, and TONS of doodling, Kelli brought that vision to life by creating hand-drawn floral elements, customizing type, building patterns, and ultimately creating a logo and cohesive brand system that the client loved (and one she loved creating!). Win-win. Here’s a look into different stages of that process:



Erin Reid Coker, owner and photographer of Gallery 9 North Photography, has an incredibly diverse portfolio of clients and projects. From rock concerts and sporting events to product shoots and weddings—he's done it all! So when we were tasked with a rebrand for G9N, the challenge was to embody Erin's brand with a succinct and iconic identity. We met with Erin to hear his likes, dislikes, must-haves, pet peeves, and so on. Although his portfolio and client base are varied and distinct, we discovered a common thread throughout his work: Upstate New York. From his work on local weddings, to his involvement in the Adirondack Balloon Festival, Erin's work is tethered to the greater Glens Falls area. The logo we created was rooted in the local landscape, too.  After exploring variations of cameras combined with mountain imagery, we landed on a logo that hit all the marks!


Looking back on these two ostensibly similar, yet inherently distinct projects, we discovered an encouraging strength in our process: the ability to work together, and apart. Call it synergy, harmony or good ol' fashioned teamwork—whatever it is, we're improving the way we work everyday. Sometimes we collaborate so much we forget where the project started or who's idea it was. Other times, the only input needed from a fellow sidekick is "great job!". It's an incredible feeling to have that kind of support and we're so excited to see how much further we can push ourselves. Thanks for reading!

Cara Greenslade