Branding • Print Collateral • Packaging • Social Media Graphics

We love this place. Rachel’s Cafe & Spice Company not only has super high quality spices that you can’t get at a grocery store, but they offer up a unique cafe menu that’s a mix of healthy dishes that fit a range of diets and comfort food — and a lot of healthy comfort food! When we met Rachel and Dave, the owners, they had recently closed down their pizzeria. It had been successful business (with great pizza!) but also time consuming and with a young son, they wanted to make more time with family. They were about 90% done with renovations to their storefront, had a logo for their spice company, and a website where they were already selling their spices online. They were so close to opening and we were happy to jump in on design to get them to where they needed to be! 


Logo + Branding

First we tackled their need for a logo that represented both the spice company and the cafe. They already had a logo for their spices that they were using on their spice bottles and website and they need a logo that could work alongside it. They also wanted a mascot that they could use as a branding element in their materials. Enter Clucky the chicken! Their Clucky #18 chicken rub is Dave’s favorite and a best seller. They also offer a variety of egg and chicken dishes at the cafe and have a number of great chicken rubs, so it was an easy choice! We used the same typeface from their spice logo paired with a simple sans serif, and a red brick color to go along with the farmhouse industrial space and exposed brick walls. 


For The Holidays

The holiday season is huge for Rachel’s and they create some seasonal blends like their Apple Pie seasoning and their Mulling spice. With gift sets being a huge hit around this time, Rachel wanted a special logo that she could use on her packaging. So Clucky got a scarf!




Gearing Up for Opening Day

As opening day was just over the horizon, we created social media graphic teasers to build up excitement. 



Rachel already had her spice labels when we started working together but she was in need of coffee labels for her unique blend of coffees, and bulk spice labels so that people could purchase spices by the ounce. For her coffee she had two blends, a medium roast and a dark roast and was in need for names for them. To tie in the chicken theme, we changed roast to roost, and since the medium blend is Rachel’s go to, we named it after her. For the bulk spice labels we needed to figure out an economical way to create labels for a variety of spices. Instead of doing one for each spice and weight, we created one label that could be filled in by hand with the spice, the weight and the date packed (because when it comes to spices, freshness is important!).