The Daily Squeeze

Branding • Website design • Merch • Packaging

We can't get enough of this juicy project (pun totally intended)! When we were asked to brand The Daily Squeeze, a new juice and smoothie shop opening up in Pensacola, Florida, we jumped at the opportunity. With funky colors, playful design, bold decisions, and a super excited client, we loved every step of this branding process. Owner and Expert Juicer, Danielle Mullet, has been the type of client that branding agencies dream of: a passionate and savvy businesswoman who knows what she wants, but trusts the design process. 




Danielle wanted the space to be welcoming, trendy and full of personality—the goal of the brand was to reflect that atmosphere and help make the juice shop approachable and fun. We created a quirky, hand-drawn lemon icon as the basis of the logo that we knew could be used as an element (and pattern!) in other branded materials. Paired with whimsical type and a cheery color palette, this logo has us craving one of Danielle’s signature juices (and the Florida sun!)


 The goal for the website was something super clean (just like her juices & smoothies!). We used a white background with pops of color and mini illustrations to show why cold-pressed is the best. 






We know Danielle likes a good laugh too, so we created some fun illustrated shirts for her staff.

You juicin’?