We Design. We Create. We Collaborate.

We’re Sidekicks.


Our Team. Your Team.

Our continually growing team began when three multitalented friends had big dreams to create design with impact. As a small business of our own, we’re passionate about seeing other businesses thrive. 

Our team’s skill sets and strengths are different, yet dovetailed. Our varied backgrounds and disciplines allow us to think big picture while focusing on the smallest of details; to foster out-there ideas and straightforward business decisions. We strive to work to our strongsuits, which makes us efficient and keeps us passionate. We are small, but mighty and we’re stronger when we work together.

We’re dedicated to being a sidekick for your creative needs. We don’t just want to tell you how something should look—we want to collaborate with you, share ideas, and build something extraordinary. With an impressive range of services, we can be your one-stop shop for all things creative. 


Cara Greenslade,

Partner/business Director

Cara Greenslade is Partner & Business Director at Sidekick Creative. In addition to handling all of the quoting, billing, and traffic at Sidekick, Cara also serves as lead Account Manager, Media Coordinator and Social Media Manager.

Cara’s strength lies in her ability to manage and coordinate many accounts at once. Her client experience includes tourism, health care, non profit, and higher education, as well as private clients and small businesses. Cara prides herself on never missing a deadline and guaranteeing that no project is rushed or over budget. Her keen eye for proofing and copy editing ensures that all materials have been thoroughly vetted before being released. 

Cara also loves to cook and travel. 



Kelli Germain,

Partner/creative Director

Kelli is a Partner & Creative Director at Sidekick Creative with ample experience designing collateral for higher education, not-for-profit, health care, and private clients alike. 

Kelli’s sharp focus for highly stylized design sets her work apart from the crowd. Her deadline-driven work ethic and clear communication ensures all expectations are met with time to spare. Kelli approaches each project with consistency, efficiency, and enthusiasm. Her unique talents for watercolor illustration and hand-lettering are an added dimension to the team. 

Kelli also teaches figure skating for all ages, is a certified yogi and loves to read.



Will Fowler,

Partner/Creative Director

Will is a Partner & Creative Director whose expertise lies in branding, illustration, and creative direction for clients in tourism, higher education, craft beer, the arts and nonprofits. 

Attention to detail and commitment to craft help Will create unique design solutions that stand the test of time. Will enjoys working in a variety of techniques and media, from traditional drawing and painting to digital illustration and animation.

In his spare time, Will can be found spending time with his wife, Katie, doing the crossword and birding.



Grace Bobbitt,

Graphic Designer

Grace Bobbitt is a Graphic Designer with experience in illustration, branding, photography & content creation. As a self-taught designer, she has had the privilege to continue her growth alongside the Sidekick Creative team and work with clients in the Adirondack region. 

Grace’s strengths as a designer come from her desire to never stop learning and a keen eye for illustration.

Prior to starting with Sidekick Creative in 2019, Grace worked as a freelance photographer in Lake George, NY working for local businesses and events. In her spare time, Grace can be found kayaking, playing Scrabble, and cheering on her favorite NBA team. 




We Love Our Pets.

maybe a little too much.

We consider them part of the team.



George “Bud” Fowler

Will’s Shih Tzu, (a.k.a. Georgey Porgy Puddin’ Pie) is fond of turtleneck sweaters and hates his new diet. He doubles as your shadow and your vacuum.




Cara’s little Onyx cat’s favorite things: Food, playing with food, attacking feet in the middle of the night, galloping like a horse (sounds like it too) through the house.


“Sweet” Sadie

Kelli’s 100-pound Italian Mastiff truly thinks she is a lap dog. Often takes up 70% of the bed at night. Eats only raw meat.


Justin "J-Fluff" Bobbitt

Grace’s extra fluffy Havanese is a sassy stuffed animal come to life. He is a fearless vacuum warrior, a carb-aholic, and only shows he loves you when he feels like it.


inside the sidekick studio